Sanatise Cleaning Services offer a 7 days a week service to all of our clients with a dedicated Contract manager to manage all onsite staff. All our clients have a onsite customer comments book which is checked each visit by our cleaning staff making it easier than ever to relay a message when and if needed without having to make any unnecessary calls to our office unless of course you have a major request needing significant additional man power.

This is also supported by a fool proof biometric checking in system that we can have placed on site to ensure that staff are completing the times paid for by you the customer,

Not only will Sanatise Cleaning credit you for any day that a cleaner does not show but we will also carry out a free of charge double hours clean for the time that was missed as way of apology for any inconvenience caused and not many companies honour this type policy that we do as we value each one of our clients regardless to size or cost.

All our cleaners are uniformed and trained in all levels of cleaning as well as security and safety within each individual’s placement that they work.

We also have a facility to CRB our cleaners using the national records database to give added peace of mind alongside our certificate of insurance.

Sanatise Cleaning Services provide all health and safety and onsite COSHH data sheets along with a full site cleaning schedule, and risk assessment carried out for each individual site on acceptance of our cleaning services.

We provide a host of cleaning services into all different levels of business sectors such as:-

Medical Surgery’s
General Office Cleaning
Hair Salons
Retail Cleaning
Pubs & Clubs
Letting Company Contract Cleaning
New Build Cleaning
End Of Tenancy Cleaning
Festival Cleaning Services
Litter Picking
Bus shelter cleaning
Station & Airport Cleaning
Church & Cathedral Cleaning
Toilet Janitors
Rented Office Space Cleaning
Communal Area Cleaning
House Cleaning Services
Executive Car Valeting
Along with many many more other services.

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