Reduce downtime and improve staff morale by taking care of your computer assets. Cleaning and decontamination of your computer equipment can help to protect your business by reducing the inconvenience of downtime and the high costs to your business caused by replacement of equipment. We can provide highly trained staff to thoroughly cleanse and protect your desktop monitors, keyboards, mice, and even laptops ensuring it looks its best and sterile from previous operators.

We use the latest processes to ensure your business operations are uninterrupted during cleaning. We can also carry out our cleaning services outside of normal office hours if that is more convenient and preventing less interruption to the operator.

Your Pc’s can be affected by certain elements present in the office environment such as static grease, bacteria and airborne dust particles. This can lead to premature deterioration of your equipment resulting in poor performance and system crashes.

We can provide a periodic anti-static protection cleaning solution that will reduce system downtime caused by hardware failure and protect your business against data loss caused by the build up of static electricity.

Keyboard and Mouse Cleaning

A major concern in many offices is the biological contamination of mouse and keyboard devices.

Thorough cleaning helps to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria that can often lead to lost productivity through staff sickness.

In addition to contamination, the build up of certain particles such as food, paper, ash and dust can cause keyboard and mouse failure.

We can carry out a thorough clean of keyboards getting in and around the keys to completely remove any debris. We follow up this process by using a germicidal, bactericidal cleansing solution.

A similar process can be applied to mouse devices whereby all debris is removed and all device surfaces and cables are thoroughly cleaned and sterilised.

We use cleaning chemicals that are specifically manufactured for the purpose of cleaning IT equipment They contain no water or chemical elements that can cause damage to computer components. Our cleaning process provides anti-static protection by leaving behind an invisible film which prevents dirt building up between our regular cleaning.

Telephone Cleaning

Thorough cleaning of telephone equipment helps to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria from your phones that can often lead to lost productivity through staff sickness.

We only use approved bactericidal, germicidal cleansers which work by thoroughly sterilising telephone equipment, leaving behind a fresh and pleasant scent and telephone handsets that are hygienically clean.

We can also provide receptions or base station users with self clean daily wipes to aid against unwanted user germs.


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