Here’s a simple list of the most common issues we hear that customers face with their current cleaning company and what we do to ensure we provide a consistently high standard.

  1. “They started off well, but after the first month the standard fell substantially.”
    Our detailed cleaning schedule is used every time we clean a building, not just in the first month. In addition we carry out regular inspections and unlike any other cleaning company we perform U.V germ inspections to highlight to our cleaners the need for deep cleaning and not just cosmetic cleaning. These factors ensure that we maintain a consistently high standard of services.
  2. “Supplies of items such as soap and toilet roll sometimes run out”.
    We have a rigorous system in place that ensures that supplies don’t run out.
  3. “Our toilets are dirty, the cleaners don’t dust thoroughly, our rubbish is often not emptied”.
    We believe that keeping toilets very clean is essential so our cleaners are trained to pay particular attention to the toilets, after all they know we U.V examine on inspections all toilet areas.We also train our cleaners to pay particular attention to dusting – including under and behind fixtures and furniture, and to work in a systematic order so nothing is ever missed.
  4. “We end up spending time managing the cleaning staff ourselves”.
    We are here so that you don’t have to manage the cleaning staff yourself; our detailed cleaning schedules and our insistence that these are followed every week ensures that you won’t need to intervene.
  5. “Any comments you have on the cleaners of the overall cleaning services do not seem to be addressed”.
    We welcome any comments you have on our services, whether good or bad, and more importantly if you have an issue we have a complaints policy which ensures we act upon all issues within 24 hours of it being raised.

Our experience enables us to develop an excellent cleaning package for you, leading to complete customer satisfaction. Our vigorous selection process means we ensure each cleaner or maid possesses excellent experience in cleaning, housekeeping and product knowledge.

So what are our customer guarantees?

Bespoke Office/commercial and domestic cleaning

We have the experience and arrangements to offer you a tailored cleaning specification to suit your budget without compromising the cleaning quality.

Value for money

You will receive a quality cleaning service with environmental cleaning practices implemented, motivated and friendly workforce, a fully insured service at a very competitive rate.

Dedicated workforce

Motivated, committed and experienced cleaning staff that have been carefully vetted and trained.

Quality cleaning service

Regular audits (on-site announced and unannounced) with on-going training, support and appraisals for cleaners.

Peace of mind

All our cleaning staffs are comprehensively insured, with Health & Safety, Environmental policy and Employment Law guidelines incorporated within our cleaning practice.

Reliable service

Our electronic Time and Attendance System allows us to monitor individual cleaners start and finish time and their productivity.

Changing cleaning contractors

When we take over an existing contract we manage the current team and improve performance; we are also fully compliant with TUPE regulation.

U.V light germ inspections that no other cleaning company offer there clients to prove the level of cleanliness we offer and support


Guaranteed service – if you are not entirely happy with your cleaners performance we will redo the job at no extra charge.

Fully insured – all our cleaning personnel are trained in safe key-holding and we are comprehensively insured.

Quality service – a commitment to on-going training, monitoring and evaluation to uphold and enhance our quality assurance.


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