Whenever you deal with us, you’ll notice that our core values guide us at every stage. We always seek:

  • To be pioneering with an imaginative outlook
  • To be approachable and caring
  • To be tenacious in the pursuit of our objectives
  • To be efficient in the provision of our services
  • To work with a foundation of integrity

Our Purpose And Our Vision

Our purpose, which focuses on our clients, is “to look after our clients’ interests positively, actively and professionally”. We also have a clear vision,

At Sanatise Cleaning we have a commitment to exceed the expectations of every client. To meet this commitment, we need people who share our passion for client service and are committed to continuous improvement.

You could be joining one of the UK’s most successful and respected cleaning companies. Our working environment is friendly and inclusive and there are excellent opportunities for career progression amongst our employees who demonstrate well our ethnics in business.

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Sanatise Cleaning is a people business, it’s easy to say but it’s true. We need the highest calibre people from all backgrounds and sectors of the community and the right environment for them to develop personally and professionally.”

At Sanatise Cleaning we celebrate the diversity of our people, our clients and the communities in which we operate. We know that our people are our biggest asset and as such, we are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive working environment in which our employees can flourish and our clients can prosper. The Our People strand is all about making this happen.

Overall, our aims are to:

  • Make Sanatise Cleaning  a ‘great place to work’ for all our people.
  • Create an inclusive and supportive culture
  • Build commitment to the diversity agenda throughout all levels of the business
  • Provide our people with the opportunity to develop
  • Attracting, retaining and developing talented people from all backgrounds
  • Creating a work environment that allows everyone to realise their full potential
  • Understanding what motivates people to work well and taking action to get the best out of staff
  • Treating each other with empathy and respect

We recognise that diversity is not simply about socially defined groups covered by equality legislation but encompasses attitudes, values, behaviours and beliefs – the intrinsic qualities that make our people the individuals they are.



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